Request Your Seat at the Time of Booking When you Traveling

Make asking for your seat assignment part of your reservation routine.

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If you wait until later or forget altogether, you dramatically diminish your chances of being assigned a good seat. Should you arrive at the airport Without an assigned seat and your flight is fairly full, you face the possibility of being wedged into an uncomfortable middle seat and waging a silent war with your seatmates for those coveted armrests.

Which is the best kind of seat to request?

Most aircraft have a 3-3, 2-3-2, or 3-4-3 configuration. If two passengers are traveling together, select two spots together in a two-seat configuration. In a three-seat configuration, request aisle plus window or aisle plus aisle, asking for seats where the middle seat is currently open, preferably as far back as possible, because those middle seats go last! If the middle seat is assigned when you board, you will not have difficulty exchanging the middle seat for an aisle. For one person traveling alone, do not select the aisle in a two-seat configuration, since the window is likely to be allocated if the flight starts filling up. Rather, request the aisle in a three-seat configuration, where the adjacent aisle seat is already assigned but the middle seat is open—again, as far back as you can get.

Nowadays, you can book your flight and seat assignment in a variety of ways. In instances where an online seat selection capability is not available or if you do not select a seat, the computer system will automatically assign you a seat. When registering at online Web sites, you may be able to prespecify a seat preference such as aisle or window as well as a special meal preference, which will then become your default assignment.

■ By Telephone. If you book by telephone directly with the airline or through a travel agent, ask for a seat assignment (and any other considerations, such as a special meal) when making your reservation.
Certain travel agents may have software to either allocate a seat as soon as one becomes available (if none was released to you when you booked) or to improve a seat assignment if you’re unhappy with what you first received. Be sure to ask about this service if you book through an agency.

■ Online. When you book online at an airline or travel agent site, you will find that many Internet sites allow you to select your seat before you pay for your ticket. Where this capability is available, you will often be able to see a configuration of available seats from which you can make your desired choice (this is especially true when booking at branded airline sites such as,,, and so on).
If there is no online mechanism to select your seat, call the airline or online agent contact phone number immediately after you have purchased your ticket to request an advance seat assignment.

You may want to visit before you book, as it enables you
to view seating configurations for all major U.S. airlines (refer to the later
section ‘‘The Best Seat in the House’’).

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